Friday, February 19, 2010

travel woes

Ok, here goes, i complain to my poor wife about the thousand things a day that bother me, to the point i dont think she wants to hear another thing come out of my mouth, so i will write them all down, mayby someone will read it mayby not. we just got back from South Africa, we stayed for 3 weeks. There will be many more blogs about that, but this one is about airports. Mainly why do they have plastic wrappers for suitcases, we where in Johannesburg not the greatest city in the world, right up there i guess with Kabul, or Bagdad, even Manila at night, but i asked someone why everyone is wrapping there bags, well jobo has the highest theft rate of airports, so why are you paying more money to have your bag wrapped, cant they put cameras are fire people, or even better put them in jail, well because the airport is in on it, great. This being the site of the World cup in June i think they need to address this small problem, imagine if some crazy soccer fans face paint, or flag is stolen, oh thats right there a store with all that when you get off the plane. thanks